Twilst for iPhone

Twitter Lists and Searches, with Tweet tagging.
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Lists First.

Lists and Saved Searches can be viewed with a single tap from the Home screen. Editing and management are just another tap away.

The Home Timeline, Direct Messaging and Mention Notifications have been left out altogether to focus on your interest seeking needs.

Tag Tweets.

Don't let another important Tweet go forgotten.

Tag any Tweet by long-pressing it on the Timeline, or from the dedicated Tag button on the Tweet's details screen.

Tagged Tweets are saved directly to your device, so access is instant and always available.

And more...

  • Multiple account support
  • Start search from any screen
  • View multiple Trends at once
  • Include yourself in your lists
  • Filter Tweets and Users
  • Full landscape orientation support
  • Simple, clutter-free navigation without tabs
  • Swipe to navigate back and forth between views
  • Long press back button to pop to Home

Questions? Suggestions?

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